Q-Sera Pty Ltd is developing an improved blood collection tube for producing high quality serum in a clinical setting, based on the blood clotting properties of venom from a specific Australian snake.

The Q-Sera technology aims to accelerate the clotting of blood to more rapidly produce high quality serum in blood clotting tubes used in biochemical and other pathology assays. This involves coating the tubes with a naturally occurring coagulation agent, isolated from the venom of certain Australian snakes.

Currently used serum tubes already contain a clot activator, but they are unable to clot blood from a growing number of patients, e.g. cardiac patients taking anticoagulants such as warfarin or heparin. This limitation risks inaccurate clinical results and diagnosis. The Q-Sera technology has demonstrated successful clotting of such blood samples, providing a higher degree of confidence around patient diagnosis and patient care.

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